The Top 5 Must Have’s on Your 2017 Resume

2017 is going to be a big year, and its critical that you set yourself up for hiring success! Companies around the nation are on the incline, while looking toward increasing direct hiring needs. In order to take the smart, strategic, and profitable next step in your career you must consider re-vamping your resume or be wary of not being recognized for your full potential and being pushed to the bottom of their “to be contacted” files.

Imagine, an overworked 60 hour recruiter or HR professional on the other end, reviewing the stack of 200 applications they received. The stats state that we spend 6 seconds per resume, so what do those 6 seconds say about you? Does it reflect that you have bad punctuation, zero work dates, no location, non updated work history, or invalid contact information? Professionals in the world today do not have the time to learn your life story, or try to pick apart what minimal information might have been submitted. It is YOUR job as the applicant to shine through who you are, the experience you have, the future you envision for yourself, and the success you could bring to your future employer within as short a time period as possible.


  1. Create a Short Bio. Tell the hiring manager in a maximum of 2 sentences who you are and what you are looking for. For Example: “In search of a fast paced, long term, stable position that enables me to reach my education, skills, and career goals.
  2. Current Location & Relocation Interest. Always note on your resume your current physical living location. Also, If you are open to relocation, ensure you write what areas you are interested in. For Example: “Raleigh, North Carolina. Possible interest in relocation (North East/South East-US)
  3. Job Details. In a short, detailed manner, below each position write your job details. These could be daily duties, side responsibilities, and promotions within the company. For Example: “Office Manager-4/1/2008-12/15/2013-Richmond, VA-Invisible Co. Responsibilities Include: Alpha filing, software installations, supply orders, inventory, schedule management, 12 line telephone management, & company event planning. Promoted from Office Assistant to Office Manager in 2010.
  4. Job Status. To minimize as many questions from the hiring manager as possible, always place within each job what happened. Were you laid off? Left?-If you left, did you leave a notice? Just be honest! We all understand that sometimes life happens. For Example: “Laid off, due to company relocation to Canada.” OR “Left 2 week notice due to personal family emergency.
  5. Accomplishments. Always show off your education, experience, skills, certifications, and personal details that help others envision who you are. What are your best traits? Have you been certified in anything?

There are many other ways to show who you are in your resume, you just have to get creative! Depending on what industry, change up your resume style, font, or write a new cover letter! Always set yourself up for success, and never forget to “brand” your own personal style in your resume!

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