Onsite Staffing Solutions

If you need multiple employees at your facility and someone to handle all the details, Hire Scene offers onsite staffing. We bring one of our dedicated human resource managers to you at no cost when you need a high volume of workers. Our service goes hand-in-hand with online and our on-demand tools, giving your business the best results. From distribution centers to manufacturing, we bring our expertise to you. We’ll be right in the building with you and your team, meaning we can handle all tasks in real-time — so skip the pesky emails or phone calls. 

Employee experience monitors

Dive deeper into the employee experience with Hire Scene’s 5-star rating system. With real-time data, you can access your facility anywhere, anytime.

Hire Scene onsite manager

We bring one of our experienced onsite staffing management team members to your facility. Hire Scene manages all aspects of the hiring process and serves as an extension of your human resource team.

Turnover prevention

We take the employee experience data and use it to implement strategies that are specifically designed to decrease turnover. The result? A consistent workforce to meet your production demands.