Onsite Staffing Solutions

If you need multiple employees at one site and someone to handle all the details, Hire Scene offers onsite management. We bring one of our dedicated human resource managers to you at no cost, when you need a high volume of workers. This service goes hand-in-hand with online and our on-demand tools, giving your business the best results. From distribution centers to manufacturing, we bring our expertise to you. We’ll be right in the building with you, meaning we can handle all tasks in real time — so skip the pesky emails or phone calls.

Our onsite manager is not there to take over; we are an extension of your existing human resources department — we are a team. While your HR focuses on internal employees and benefits, the Hire Scene representative will handle contract employees. We know how hard it is to be an HR manager, having to be pulled in so many directions. An onsite staffing manager takes over all of the administrative duties, including prescreening, hiring, scheduling, and payroll, for the temporary hires. The larger the facility, the more beneficial it is to have an additional resource in-house for higher efficiency and better results. Every week, your company will receive a report of daily ratings.

Let us lower your turnover, reduce the risk of liability, and increase your ROI by having a dedicated Hire Scene representative onsite. Our team of human resource managers are fully trained and experienced to join you.onsite. With our company at your side, you’ll save time, money, and resources. Contact us today at 1-877-974-4737 to learn more.