Online Staffing Solutions

Unlike brick-and-mortar staffing agencies, JobSquad’s online staffing makes searching for a candidate simpler and faster. Rather than waiting to meet in person, candidates connect virtually when it is convenient for them. Whether you have a temporary project, are looking to hire someone directly onto your payroll, or want to keep an employee on a contract basis, JobSquad Staffing Solutions’ online staffing solutions work for you. We make connecting employers and job seekers simple.










Save an average of


per hire

Did you know that, in most cases, it actually costs MORE to hire a new employee on your own? By using JobSquad Staffing Solutions you are able to save time you would spend recruiting and onboarding, as well as lowering your cost.

Decrease your cycle time to hire

Online staffing significantly reduces the time it takes to hire your next employee. Our process connects with candidates where they are – online.

Reduce employee turnover

Using JobSquad’s employee experience rating, you are provided with real-time data to combat turnover.


Areas of expertise:





Distribution & Logistics

Remote Work

“We have always struggled with finding and keeping employees. We used staffing agencies and tried filling the positions on our own, but were met with constant challenges. Hire Scene has been a game changer for us. They continue to find us quality employees, quickly. I highly recommend working with them to fulfill any staffing needs!”

-Cathy, Human Resources Manager