NCSU Affiliate Hire Scene rolls out fast, flexible digital job portal

RALEIGH, N.C.—Hire Scene is offering a free, online app designed to instantly link college students and other jobseekers to immediately available, flexible employment opportunities in the Raleigh hospitality industry.

Targeted to college students seeking flexible, short-term opportunities, the app notifies jobseekers when an opportunity to work is available and connects candidates to event-based hospitality positions such as servers, bartenders, stewards and concessions. Candidates are under no obligation to accept positions. There is no penalty for turning down a job.

“This is a fun, novel concept in the employment industry integrating mobile technology seamlessly and effectively,” says Mary Gage, a Hire Scene manager. “We help workers learn about immediate opportunities through our app and connect with jobs that fit their schedules.”

Hire Scene’s connection process is simple and hassle-free: After candidates apply online, recruiters contact them to schedule a virtual interview at the candidate’s convenience. Once vetted, candidates are invited to download the app and are set up to accept gigs matched to their interests and schedule.

By combining artificial intelligence algorithms, social media and mobile technologies, Hire Scene creates rapid connectivity between employers and jobseekers. The job-matching technology is comparable to the Web-based innovations introduced by on-demand car services that have revolutionized individual travel options. “In a similar way, the Hire Scene app connects employers with the help they need in minutes,” Gage adds.

Founded by N.C. State University alumni, Hire Scene operates from the Centennial Campus and is a Centennial Affiliate. Leveraging its proprietary technology to link positions and candidates and to serve employers, Hire Scene embraces its corporate tagline: “Closer than anyoneÔ.”

Company executives are targeting the app to college students in the Raleigh area, particularly those at N.C. State because of the company’s relationship with the university. “This is a uniquely helpful option for a college student,” says Gage. “Students can work when they want in short-term situations to meet weekly needs, build savings and even stave off student debt. They work on their own terms. It’s the perfect platform in the gig economy.”



About Hire Scene: Hire Scene is a global human resource partner embracing technology. The company’s core philosophy is to use technologies to solve problems that bring employers and employees closer together faster. For employers, Hire Scene solutions translate into increased productivity, less turnover, lower costs and regulatory compliance. For job seekers, the technologies allow more time earning and less time seeking. A privately held company, Hire Scene is proudly located on the N.C. State University Centennial Campus. Phone: 877-974-4737. Email:

For more information, contact Mary Gage at 877.974.4737.