How It Works

Easy. Fast. Effective.

Our new technology searches the internet 24/7 to find the best candidates for our clients. With each search, our database engine gathers intelligence and becomes smarter and smarter about the candidates our clients hire. The result: We find the best candidates quickly, drastically reduce the cycle time to hire, and reduce your cost per hire.

Step 1

Our artificial intelligence bots,
algorithms, and our Social Media raking tools, find the best candidates – whether they are looking for a job change or not.  Only the top candidates are chosen.

Step 2

Our recruitment team conducts live, Virtual Interviews at the convenience of our candidates. Only the best candidates move on through our intensive, but fast, online vetting process to test skills, reference checks, and background checks.

Step 3

The crème of the crop candidates are sent to our client to interview, and the rest is history.  An outstanding new employee for our clients found.