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Direct Hire


Connect instantly with fully vetted and qualified job seekers

Our On-Demand shift workers are available to meet your ever changing needs. These app users are fully vetted and qualified, and choose to work for you. Job seekers access our mobile app to search available openings, so whether you need someone last minute or just an extra hand, our network of app users can fill the void in your workforce in minutes.


Retain an app user for multiple dates

For when you have a recurring opportunity that lasts for a few weeks, or even several months, but do not need a full time hire. Our team will use their expertise and innovative algorithms to find the best match for you.  Hire Scene even offers on-site management which brings one of our human resource managers to you at no cost, if you need multiple employees and someone to handle all the details.

Direct Hire

Hire Scene offers one flat rate for multiple hires

Put multiple people directly on your payroll. Through our app, we drive users to your applicant tracking system. Our recruiting team will monitor your system, interview and vet all interested candidates, and present you with the top contenders. Avoid all the expensive agency and job board costs; unlike traditional direct hire fees, we offer one flat rate to fill a need with multiple employees.

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