Who We Are

JobSquad is an online staffing solution that simplifies how employers and job seekers connect. We are supplemental to a company’s existing human resources department. Our innovative process combined with our technology connects job seekers and employers faster than anyone else in the industry.

Employers get increased productivity, less turnover, lower costs, and no-hassle regulation compliance. Hire fully-vetted, qualified employees — as you need them when you need them! Job Seekers have the ability to connect with our team when it fits their schedule, which means less time searching and more time earning.

Where We Can Take You

We opened our doors in 1986, hoping to change the hiring scene by constantly transforming our recruitment process to keep up with the ever-evolving hiring trends. Every day, we are adapting to the current candidate-driven hiring environment by moving away from the traditional brick-and-mortar hiring approach and connecting candidates where they are — online. Our company helps save you time and money, as well as help reduce your turnover and liability. We are here to simplify the job process, the interview process, the hiring process, the onboarding process, and in turn, your life.