5 Tips for a Productive Workspace

Physical workspace has a direct impact on productivity. Think about it, working in a drab and dreary space can make you feel lethargic and lower your motivation. Working in a messy scattered space can cause you to lose track of your tasks.  Due to the current state of our world, many of us are working from home. Here are our tips for creating a productive workspace.

It’s all about the lighting.

Bright light increases your energy. Find a spot that gets a lot of natural light to set up your workspace. Add a fun desk lamp that shows your style. Keeping things bright allows you to remain focused and attentive.

Comfort is key.

From adding a throw pillow to give yourself some extra support to using an exercise ball to provide you with the best spine alignment, comfort is essential. Prefer to stand? Snag an adjustable standing desk convertor. Experiment with what feels best. You will be able to focus more on your work if you are not thinking about how uncomfortable your chair feels.

Give yourself options.

Who said you can only work in one space? Sometimes something as simple as changing your environment can give you the extra boost to finish up a project. Whether that means heading out onto your porch or getting cozy on your favorite chair. Do not be afraid to change things up.


Everything. Has. A. Spot. The saying so many of us heard growing up still reigns true today. Who wants to search for something to discover you cannot find it when needed? Decluttering your workspace gives you the opportunity to get the real work done. Keeping everything in it’s own spot will keep you organized and on task.


We all have our “why”. Surround yourself with what drives you. Whether that is a picture of your loved ones or a reminder about your goals. Plants are another great way to warm up your space. Add pieces that bring you joy.


The most productive workspace will look different for each person. Personal preferences and personality traits play a role in what type of environment is most conducive to your work. So, go ahead and make your space one that works for YOU.

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